Saturday Reads 1/2/10

1. Google Chrome Overtakes Apple Safari. Not really surprised that Safari is left in the dust as it never really caught on with me. I have tried out Google’s Chrome and enjoyed the speed but I am still sticking to Firefox for now.

2. First Impressions of Nexus One. Engadget just unveiled their new year’s present and gave an objective report of the Nexus One. It looks nicer than Droid and I like the endorsement of smooth and speedy opening of apps.  

But to be frank, I think there is nothing revolutionary about the Nexus One, unlike the shock and awe impact caused by iPhone when it was first unleashed on the mobile market market. Nevertheless, the battle is not over yet. Google has got off to a sound start, perhaps its sequel, Nexus 2,3,4 will do better.

3. 7 gadgets that will ruin 2010.  A briefcase filled with sausages and a shotgun loaded with booze? You will never go hungry if you get your hands on these cool gadgets. I am not a vegetarian and I love convenience but I will pass on the sausage briefcase. It is too disgusting…

4. Forecast for 2010: Rise of Hybrid Clouds. Cloud computing is the future for data management but a full transformation means any down-time or security breaches will hurt businesses badly, albeit temporarily.

That is why many businesses are opting for hybrid clouds which allow you to keep on-premise and off-premise cloud computing resources, both public and private, managed through a common framework to simplify operations.

5. Tub-E Bathtub adds automation and style.  Bathing will no longer be the same with the Tub-E. The heater, hidden under the seat, has a thermostat to regulate temperature, so you don’t need to add hot water every so often. You can also set injection of bath oils during the fill process.

Design wise, I am won over by its stylishness is but I am not sure about the comfort aspect. How do you guys like sitting in the bucket for hours?

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