Wednesday Reads 20/1/10

1. Deep-Sea Snail Shell Could Inspire Better Body Armor. A deep-sea snail wears a multi-layered suit of armor, complete with iron. Dissecting details of the shell’s structure could inspire new technology for body armor, scratch-free paint, etc.

2. Building Out Power Grid Will Mirror Cell Phones. Will developing countries that have not yet built out the power grid skip the traditional power infrastructure and turn directly to distributed solar for power generation? Several analysts think “yes.”

3. The food carbon calculator. How does the food you eat affect global warming?

4. Apple In Talks to Make Bing the Deafult iPhone Search Engine? The battle lines are drawn… Google and its Android while Apple teams up with Microsoft Bing. Does this actually benefit consumers?

5. Robo-maid makes breakfast slowly. We can get this Robo-maid, Mahru-Z, to make our breakfast and wash our clothes. However, there is to be no kinky sex from this “maid.” You will have to purchase another robot, Roxxxy, instead.


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