Wednesday Reads 24/2/10

1. Beware the Man in the Browser (MITB) attacks which can steal your banking data. The article explains how banking trojans like Zeus, URLZone bypass the user name, passwords and the recent multi-factor authentication introduced by banks.

2. Payment card skimmers scam getting more sophisticated and insidious. Criminals hid bank card-skimming devices inside gas pumps — in at least one case, even completely replacing the front panel of a pump — in a recent wave of attacks that demonstrate a more sophisticated, insidious method of stealing money from unsuspecting victims filling up their gas tanks.

3. Project Offset Creates Graphical Magic In Games. While movies like James Cameron’s Avatar or Peter Jackson‘s Lord of the Rings have graphical effects that appear real, games are still lacking that level of detail. However, Project Offset, a development team owned by Intel, is building a game engine which will create richness of reality in the virtual world.

4. Fuel Cell Marvel “Bloom Box” Gaining Momentum. The “Bloom Box” from Bloom Energy, promises a power-plant-in-a-box that you can literally put in your backyard, and has received backing from companies like eBay, Google, Staples, FedEx, and Walmart.

5. New Random Numbers Generator May Improve Internet Security. A German team has now developed a true random number generator that uses an extra layer of randomness by making a computer memory element, a flip-flop, twitch randomly between its two states 1 or 0.

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