Nintendo Next Generation Handheld 3DS May Ship In October

nintendo 3DS console

Do you guys remember the exciting news last month when Nintendo announced their new 3D capable hardware which does not require you wearing the ugly 3D glasses?

The next generation Nintendo, tentatively called Nintendo 3DS, was targetted to launch in March 2011. But now there is speculation that the 3D game console could be out this October.

According to Computer and Video Games, the console may be unveiled in June and will be ready to be launched in October, giving Nintendo almost a three months run-up to Christmas. Although Nintendo has refuted the news, CVG seem confident that 10/10/10 is the magical date for Nintendo fans.

If you are to spend money on a game console, of course, it is better to wait for the 3D version. By the way, 3DS, as the successor of the NDS and NDSi, would also be backwards compatible with current games.

3DS will be worth the wait but you have to prepare for some headaches when you watch the 3D graphics for too long.


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Sherman OehlerMay 13th, 2010 at 11:42 am

I downloaded Assassin’s Creed a couple of weeks ago and, despite the fact its a”dusty” game, its the best PS2 game in my opinion =)

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