New Technology: Robot Mop To Clean Up Your House

As technology improves, robots will eventually become indispensable gadgets. We don’t need to employ a domestic help as robots can do the cleaning up for us. Introducing Mint, the robot mop.

Just like how humans mop the floor, the robot mop will being by sweeping with a dry rag to pick up most of the dust and then apply a wet cloth to add shine.

Mint can navigate around and detect if it’s going to fall off an edge before turning to a different direction. It makes use of an indoor GPS tracking device to make sure the same spot is not cleaned twice.

This is very useful as you don’t want the robot mop to move anywhere it wants and the same place over and over again. Once you know how to use Mint, it will save time, money and electricity for you.

The robot mop is available for USD$249. Just so you know what you are buying, check out the mop in action below.


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