Saturday Technology Reads 10/7/10

Technology and Gadgets

1. Juggle A Football with an Iphone
Swept up in the World Cup craze and have a hankering to hone your ball-handling skills? You don’t need shinguards or a football — all you need is an iPhone and a $0.99 app called ARSoccer.

2. Kompott Robotic Agent Makes It Easier to Stay in Touch
Thanks to the Kompott Robotic Agent, students can now bridge the gap between connectivity, technology, and the generation gap.

3. Water Gate to Protect Your Food
Check out this cool gadget which preserves food freshness and deflects oxidization of food store inside the shade.

4. Mix and Match Batteries for Better Electric Vehicles
Can a mix-and-match approach to battery packs help bring electric trucks and buses into the mainstream?

5. Google Bring 4K Video to YouTube Service
To enhance your YouTube experience, Google is introducing 4K video that has a resolution of 4096 x 2304 pixels making it four times larger than 1080p.

6. Protect Your Mobile from Theft by Downloading F-Secure Anti-Theft
By using F-Secure’s Anti Theft Mobile system you can lock you phone, and find the current location of the mobile and clear out the prescribed data from it.

Blogging and Social Networks

1. 4 Best Ways to catch attention of Internet Paparazzi

2. Beware The Bragging Rights Keywords

3. How To Love blogging When It Doesn’t Love You back?

4. Becoming a more Dedicated Blogger

5. Mapping Anchor Text to Landing Pages

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