Spray On Clothes Fit Like Second Skin

clothes spray on fabric

Don’t bother to go shopping next time. Buying clothes is for those who have too much free time on their hands!

Now you can just spray on your clothes (T-shirts, dresses, trousers, swimwear, etc.) and they will fit like a second skin, thanks to a liquid mixture made of cotton fibres.

Dr Torres teamed up with Paul Luckham, Professor of Particle Technology at Imperial College London, to create Fabrican, which consists of cotton fibres, polymers (the plastics which hold them together) and solvents which keep it in liquid form.

When you get bored with your creation it can be dissolved and the material used again to make something new or repair old designs.

Fabrican still has a couple of years to hit the shelves. By then, anyone can try their hand at designing T-shirts and be a fashion designer too!

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