Cool Technology: Ice Touchscreens

nokia ice touchscreen

Here is a really cool technology and I mean it literally. Nokia employees in Finland just came up with ice touchscreens, with multi-touch displays to boot.

The touch capability is made possible due to infrared lights and cameras which are more cost-effective than sensors. The team made a large 2×1.5 meter display out of 50cm square ice that were sliced apart and smoothed using heat gun.

Touching on the display is sensed using reflections of the infrared lights which will then be transmitted to a PC to track movement and size. A projector will then be used to project imagery feedback beneath the object so a user knows when the device is working.

Too bad, the ice limits accuracy of display. But I like the innovative creation… if you are living in hot climate areas, don’t expect these ice touchscreens on your smart phones though.

Check out the video of the technology in action on NewScientist.

[Engadget, NewScientist]

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