Monday Technology and Blogging Reads 29/11/10

Technology and Gadgets

1. Caltech Research May Lead to Quantum Hard Drives and Networks
The Caltech team has recently uncovered a quantum interface between the atomic memories which could pave the way toward quantum networks, and in turn, massive webs of quantum computers.

2. Clouds and GPUs: The Future of HPC
After last week’s cloud- and GPU-heavy Supercomputing conference, it’s fair to ask whether high-performance computing will ever look the same.

3. Facebook Partners With Skype On Video Chatting?
Skype and Facebook seems to be working on something cool. A snippet of Facebook code which allows video chatting functionality has added fuel to the rumors.

4. Two Kinects Collaborate To Produce Real-time 3D Images
When 2 Kinects come together, you can create 3D mapping of objects, 3D movie making, design, etc.

5. Pajama Warming Pouch
Using a heating element that can warm up to 118º F while only drawing just 50 watts, this fleece covered pouch with its “thermal satin interior” is able to toast your pajamas in just 10 minutes!

Blogging and Social Networks

1. Four Absolute Best Ways to Thank Blog Readers.

2. How To Make Your Music Video Go Viral

3. 5 Reasons Not To Delete Negative Reviews on Your Facebook

4. 6 Ways To Score A Job Through Twitter

5. 10 Lessons From Print Newspaper Ads To Improve Your Blog

6. Why You Should Run Away From Facebook Messages?

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