Athlete Robot That Can Outrun Human

Usain Bolt and Carl Lewis, please step aside.. There is now a prototype robot, aptly named “Athlete” by Japanese researcher Ryuma Niiyama, which can potentially outrun the fastest human!

athlete robot

This robot has been fitted with a pair of prosthetic blades and fourteen artificial, pneumatic-powered muscles and has the ability to sprint. Each muscle has one to six actuators, providing enough air power to replicate human muscles.

In addition, the robot is outfitted with touch sensors on each foot, and an inertial metering system to help it stay upright. Currently, Niiyama and his team are still teaching the robot how to run which involves analyzing the timing and patterns in which human muscle contract and relax.

Well, if this bipedal humanoid project comes to fruition, the police force can consider getting some athlete robots for patrol… that will be bad news for robbers.


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