Disney Patents Interactive Cakes With Pico Projectors

disney interactive cake

This interactive cake by Disney really floored me. I have seen cleverly designed cakes like Angry Birds, they are innovative and takes a lot of effort to make but Disney takes the cake literally by using pico-projectors.

Imagine Captain Hook drawing out his sword the moment you approach the cake with a knife or imagine the missing slice of cake turned into a waterfall. Maybe a Playboy bunny will even emerge from the cake.

Disney was recently awarded patent for their Projector Systems and Methods for Producing Digitally Augmented, Interactive Cakes and Other Food Products.

If you own a bakery, you can consider incorporating this new technology into your cakes and set yourself apart from the competition.

While the cake will be the main attraction of a party because of the impressive visuals, I do worry that the cake will become too expensive and we don’t get to eat it. And the taste, will it be better?


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Rika SusanDecember 31st, 2010 at 5:51 am

Where are the good old days of asking mom for a train cake or a butterfly cake? Man, this sounds weird. But I guess we have to keep up with technology. Can’t imagine a home-made taste, though! Interesting post as usual.

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