Robots Dispense Drugs At Pharmacy To “Improve Patient Safety”

UCSF Medical Center has opened an automated hospital pharmacy, with 3 robotic pill-dispensing machines that prepare and track medication that’s dangerous to the common human.

After a doctor prescribes medicine, the hospital clerk will send it over to the pharmacist who will enter it into the computer for the robot to do the dirty work of preparing medication.

Rather than fearing for their jobs, the UCSF staff are happy to have the robots, cause they can now spend more time with patients while medication process becomes more efficient. So far the goal of improving patient safety seems on track. Not a single error has occurred (yet) in the 350,000 medication doses prepared during the trial run.

I am ready for robots to rule the world once they become the mainstay at pharmacies. But next time a robot dispenses medication for you, let’s hope they get the right instructions because machines aren’t really programmed to think..


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Henry GatesMarch 11th, 2011 at 3:52 am

Thats a Good move ! Technology is advancing at a rapid rate
Henry Gates recently posted..How Spyware Has Been Evolving

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