Nokia Parking on Smart Devices to Help Drivers

Nokia recently participated in the Paris Auto Show and announced a really useful app for drivers – Nokia Parking.

Hot on the heels of its success which saw mapping services licensed to big names in the auto industry, and also receiving Apple’s acknowledgment for good mapping, their latest concept, Nokia Parking, is sure to win new fans, especially in cities where parking is a nightmare.

Nokia Parking

This concept will not be developed as a standalone app but rather a service that will be licensed to interested parties to integrate into existing applications. Nokia Parking uses real-time GPS coordinates to search for available parking near the user. It is very thorough with information such as height limitations.

Even more impressive is the integrated payment service, where user can touch a button to begin the timer for their parking spot, and with touch again to stop the timer as well as pay for the spot instantly, provided your credit card is linked to the service.

Scheduled to be available from November, Nokia Parking will only be available in select cities in Europe, with more soon to follow. Hopefully, consumers living in urban areas who have been struggling with parking woes may be less frustrated after getting this app.


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