Improve Website Design to Attract More Customers

With more people searching for information online before making purchases, the internet has really leveled the playing field for small businesses with the big boys. But it still matters in making a good first impression on potential buyers. A well designed site helps you project a professional image.

On the other hand, it won’t be easy getting repeat visitors if your website doesn’t cut it. In this case, it is better not to have a website that makes your business lose credibility.

Since your website volumes about your business, it is worth understanding more about what makes a successful website. Blog design is a key element as visual appearance score points for first impression. Even if you have great content but the site is poorly designed and hard to navigate, most people won’t be interested.

When it comes to blog design, there are a few factors to consider:

1. Colors and readable text

Using dark or blinding color makes reading or even looking at your pages difficult. It is advisable to use light or pleasant colors (preferably white) for your background, with dark images and text.
You also need to ensure that your text is easily readable. Select fonts which are large and simple for visitors to read or scan quickly.

2. Navigation

A good navigation system will enable your visitors to move easily through pages. As a result, they are likely to spend more time browsing. In addition, good navigation enhance your search engine rankings. Having links to other relevant articles help too.

3. Loading Speed

It is pointless to have a well designed blog which takes too long to load. Keep code clean and ensure all the elements and images are hosted on the server. In addition, limit your usage of plug-ins.

4. Purpose

Different sites have different purposes, like buying products or subscribing. Make sure your blog is designed in a way that complements its purpose.

5. Social links and contact forms

Building relationships is important for your business. Having your visitors share information and connect with you through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. as well as contact forms will enable you to get feedback readily.

The above points may seem daunting but it doesn’t take ages to implement. In fact, building professional websites is now a breeze with Flash Website Templates. The collection of interactive flash templates will impress your customers with cool site structure, content presentation and unusual design approaches.

Each of the website Flash templates is powered with one of it’s kind MotoCMS Admin Interface full of awesome components and widgets. Customize it by dragging and dropping design elements in the way you like. You will be surprised how easy it is to get a well designed site which brings in profits now.

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