Final Fantasy IV Available on iOS and Final Fantasy V Coming

Final Fantasy IV, one of the best sequel games, was released on the iOS this week. It sports updated 3D graphics along with cut scenes featuring voice actors. Game Center support has also been added to the iOS release, meaning you’ll have plenty of achievements to show your friends.

In the trailer Square Enix launched, it shows that they’re planning to release the fifth game as well in the future.

Square Enix also emphasized that there will be ‘more’ iOS games coming which will most likely be RPGs on mobile devices. So far, there’s no release date for Final Fantasy V on the iOS.

While the game has been updated, the plot is the same. Cecil, the captain of the Red Wings airships brigade, has been stripped of his command for insubordination. As punishment, Cecil is sent on a courier mission, but his journey soon became a mission to save the world. There are also other fan-favorite characters including Kain and Golbez.

Final Fantasy titles are one of my favorite games ever. But as with all premium games, you gotta pay a price. At a cool $14.99, you can get the download started.

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