Microsoft To Increase Windows 8 Pro price from $40 to $200 In February

If you want to upgrade to Windows 8, get it before February 1st 2013. Microsoft has announced that they will increase Windows 8 Pro price from $40 to $200 a real hefty hike. And a basic Windows 8 upgrade will cost $120.

Microsoft Windows 8

When the new operating system was launched end October, Microsoft sold Window 8 Pro upgrades for $40 which is lower than all previous Windows upgrade. But this special introductory price is valid only until January 31, 2013. In addition, the Windows 8 Media Center Pack, which is currently free, will be sold for $10 per copy.

The good news is that if you bought a Windows 7 computer after June 2, 2012 or plan to buy one by January 31, you can still upgrade your operating system to Windows 8 Pro for only $15 until February 28.

Microsoft must be confident of its Windows 8 adoption to increase prices by 5 fold. Analysts have credited Windows 8 sales to system upgrades instead of new computer sales since PC sales are falling off the cliff. Do you plan to upgrade to Windows 8 too?

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