Labs For a Lipid Profile In San Diego Area

Heart disease causes the premature death of over 570,000 Americans each year. Heart disease is both preventable and treatable with the right information. This requires the identification of individuals with risk factors and routine testing to verify the effects of prevention efforts and/or medications. Access to labs for a lipid profile in San Diego area is available in a couple of ways. A doctor can prescribe tests during an appointment, or patients may order tests on their own through Health Testing Centers.

## Types of Lipid Testing
A basic lipid profile provides the individual with cholesterol counts. This is important to establish a baseline and monitor changes over time. Many other variables are charted on more advanced tests. A doctor can help with this decision, but patients can save money by researching the types of lipid testing and entering the doctor’s office with results in hand. A brief survey of lipid tests offered by Health Testing Centers will assist patients in making the correct selection.

* Statin Check Up
Statin medications are often prescribed for those with a high cholesterol count. These drugs sometimes fail to work, and they may adversely affect liver function. This test includes a lipid profile, and it measures for liver function, overall inflammation and the enzyme CoQ10.

* Lipid Profile
This is the least expensive option when checking for cholesterol levels. It is also essential for people with risk factors over the age of 20, according to the American Heart Association. Labs for a lipid profile in San Diego area test for total cholesterol, HDL and LDL levels, and triglycerides. Patients must fast for a prescribed period of time to receive accurate results.

* NMR LipoProfile
A lipid profile is sufficient for the preliminary investigation, but individuals already aware of problems with high cholesterol need more specific information. The data in the NMR LipoProfile allows the doctor to create a more accurate treatment regimen.

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