Sony To Launch PlayStation 4 in February?

Sony which has seen a year decline in PlayStation sales, may unveil powerful new version of the home console in February. It is expected to deliver more realistic games and entertainment features.

Sony PS4 launch

While the basic of PS4 (hard drive, Blu-Ray player, 1080p output) will not vary much from PS3, gamers can expect an upgrade to the processor and memory. A quad-core AMD processor and 2GB of RAM, compared to the 256MB (plus 256MB for graphics) in the PS3.

The processors capable of rendering games at 240 frames a second, more than capable of handling current-generation games which render at 30 or 60 frames per second. No wonder, some eager fans have dubbed PS4 as “PS3 on steroids.”

PS4 will definitely excite hardcore gamers with its prowess but Sony will have an uphill task reversing declining sales of games, hardware and accessories.

Besides facing down Nintendo and Microsoft in the traditional gaming consoles battle, Sony also has to grab consumers’ time and money from mobile devices operating on Android and iOS. Mobile devices are ubiquitous and game applications for tablets and smartphones typically sell for less than $5, while packaged video-games cost as much as $60.

Indeed, Nintendo last week cut full-year forecast for sales of its new Wii U home console to 4 million units from 5.5 million. Will Sony PS4 spark a craze for gamers back into home consoles?

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