My name is Paul. I’m thirty-three years old, and married to my one true love, Jenise. We have a one year old girl and a two year old boy.

While I don’t consider myself an early adopter of technology, due to budget constraints and my wife’s nagging (she loves to spend on clothes and shoes), I am definitely interested in new technology and cool gadgets.

When it comes to gadgets, I consider myself an avid Apple user (with a Mac at home, Apple TV, iPhone and iPad). Besides indulging in tech stuff, my favorite past time is sitting on the couch watching football, especially Premier League matches.

In this blog, I update and share my love of technology, gadgets and football. Hopefully, you guys find the content interesting. I know there are are already countless tech blogs around and we really don’t need another guy to add his two cents (or rather spewing nonsense) to the mix.

But because I like gadgets and read up a lot daily to satisfy my curiousity, I find it useful to pen down my thoughts and reviews on some of my likes and dislikes. Blogging also improves my writing which can only be honed through practice.

If you like the content, it will be nice if you can help get the word out or join my community for updates and discusssion:

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