SwiftKey 4 Gives New Typing Experience on Android Devices

You gotta love SwiftKey, a virtual keyboard app on Android. The company just updated the app with its latest version, SwiftKey 4, which gives a whole new typing experience. Check out the video below.

A cool new feature is SwiftKey Flow. Users can type via swiping from letter to letter, like Swype and Google’s Gesture Typing keyboard. However, SwiftKey integrates gesture typing with standard typing, as well as intelligent word prediction algorithms. The improved prediction engine also means SwiftKey 4 now adapts to your typing style over time, becoming more intelligent with use.

In addition, SwiftKey has added support for six new languages, bringing the total to 60. To celebrate the launch of SwiftKey 4, the app is now going for half price. The company will also give away a Nexus 7 tablet to one lucky winner in SwiftKey’s Twitter contest.

Choosing Laminate Flooring for Your Homes

Many choices of interior flooring exists today like tiles, marble, granite, carpet or hardwood flooring. There are pros and cons with each choice. Hardwood flooring is commonly used in dry areas as it provides warmth and contrast. But a relatively new product – laminate flooring is gradually gaining in popularity.

Today’s laminate flooring comes ready to assemble as smooth individual planks with tongue and groove edges which slide together with a click joint or locking system allowing the floor to be quickly assembled by hand or with a mallet. The new system is glueless and hence faster to install and less messy but yet function as a solid “floating” piece.

Besides easy installation, laminate floors are generally more affordable than hardwood. Because it is an engineered rather than natural product, there is a wider range of colors and textures to suit the personality of your rooms. Laminate flooring is also durable, low-maintenance and long-wearing which is suitable for busy family homes or those with children.

However, laminates don’t add much value to your home compared to solid hardwood floors. It also can’t be refinished since it is not real wood. But replacement is easy if the board gets scratched or burned.

It is best to engage professionals on laminate flooring ocala. The underlay is essential to protect against moisture, soundproofing and foot comfort. You should also shop for quality and not thickness. Without quality of material and construction, you are just paying for more fiberboard.

Samsung Galaxy S4 to Launch in March with S3-style Buttons and Contactless Feature?

Samsung flagship Galaxy smartphones are expected to take the industry by storm again after leaks of its latest Galaxy S IV hit the news vine.

Photo: Moyeamedia

Samsung Galaxy S4 is not expected to deviate much in design from its well received S3. Some tentative hardware details include a 5” 1080p SuperAMOLED screen with full HD display, quad-core Exynos 5440 SoC and a main camera of about 13 megapixels.

Gadget geeks are expecting Samsung to surprise with nifty features and offer a reason to upgrade their phones. They will not be disappointed with a touchless gesture for screen navigation, much like the floating touch on Sony Xperia Sola. It can detect fingers at a distance so you don’t have ugly fingerprints on your beautiful screen.

The official launch date for Galaxy S4 has not been announced yet but some pundits are suggesting March or April for Samsung to gain an advantage over other Android competitors like Sony and HTC. Are you saving up some money for the S IV already?

[Android Central]

HTC M7 Smartphone to Deliver New Sound and Camera Experience

HTC Corporation may not be a dominant player in mobile devices but its new smartphone, dubbed M7, promises to deliver new sound and camera experience.

While no official details are out, the smartphone is expected to feature a brand new camera sensor, with three 4.3-megapixel sensor layers to create ultrapixels. With more people using their smartphones as cameras, any increased level of detail and sharper colors from ultrapixels is definitely welcome.

The upcoming HTC M7 may also have a quad core processor, 4.7-inch screen with full HD resolution, 468ppi pixel density and Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) layered with HTC’s own Sense 5.0 user interface.

The Taiwanese mobile phone maker seems real confident of the experience M7 can deliver as it takes a dig at Nokia and Apple in this infographic.

HTC megapixels war

HTC touted its first phone with 8MP camera and creating the world’s first phone that could take 3D pictures and videos and play 3D movies without requiring glasses. It then panned Apple for being late in introducing 8MP camera on iPhone 4S and Nokia 808 PureView, which has a 41MP camera, is also mocked for not helping image quality.

Taking potshots at Apple may elevate HTC profile and get some publicity but they have to prepare for a backlash if M7 doesn’t live up to the hype. I am eager to try out HTC M7 though as I am one of those users who have replaced cameras with smartphones.

Professional Risk Management to Improve Business Strategy

Risk Management sounds like added cost to businesses. But instead of viewing risk management as unnecessary expenses, business owners should see it as beneficial to profits in the long run as the organization builds a solid reputation and prevent frauds and catastrophic losses.

Besides governance, compliance and integrating Sarbanes Oxley Act, risk management extends to strategic planning too. A general rule of thumb is the bigger and more complex your business, the higher the cost of risk management.

While you can try to anticipate and handle broad spectrum of risks on your own or hire a few staff to do that; it is penny wise pound foolish for a huge organization to hire cheap or inexperienced staff. In the face of increasing regulation around the world, the scrutiny and challenge becomes more intense. Hence, leaving it to specialists to provide advice and solutions is a safer route.

A risk management consultant can minimize the risks of your business while keeping your organization lean and productive. They will help you set up methods and processes to achieve your objectives, identifying events, assessing likelihood and magnitude of impact on your business, etc. With so much at stake, it is vital to engage the right risk management firm for your business.

Core Compliance & Legal Services, Inc. is a suitable partner with their status as a leading risk management firm in southern California. It offers wide range of risk management services starting from Broker-dealer registrations and applications for FINRA membership to Hedge and private fund compliance program and regulatory requirement evaluations and updates. The company has a dedicated team of professionals who are ready to assist and support you.

If you run a business that needs a good risk management service or registered investment advisory compliance firm, visit the website to check out their expertise.

Sony To Launch PlayStation 4 in February?

Sony which has seen a year decline in PlayStation sales, may unveil powerful new version of the home console in February. It is expected to deliver more realistic games and entertainment features.

Sony PS4 launch

While the basic of PS4 (hard drive, Blu-Ray player, 1080p output) will not vary much from PS3, gamers can expect an upgrade to the processor and memory. A quad-core AMD processor and 2GB of RAM, compared to the 256MB (plus 256MB for graphics) in the PS3.

The processors capable of rendering games at 240 frames a second, more than capable of handling current-generation games which render at 30 or 60 frames per second. No wonder, some eager fans have dubbed PS4 as “PS3 on steroids.”

PS4 will definitely excite hardcore gamers with its prowess but Sony will have an uphill task reversing declining sales of games, hardware and accessories.

Besides facing down Nintendo and Microsoft in the traditional gaming consoles battle, Sony also has to grab consumers’ time and money from mobile devices operating on Android and iOS. Mobile devices are ubiquitous and game applications for tablets and smartphones typically sell for less than $5, while packaged video-games cost as much as $60.

Indeed, Nintendo last week cut full-year forecast for sales of its new Wii U home console to 4 million units from 5.5 million. Will Sony PS4 spark a craze for gamers back into home consoles?

Apple Introduces 4th Gen iPad with 128 GB

Research in Motion may be launching its BlackBerry 10 today but Apple grabbed some limelight with its introduction of a 4th generation iPad with 128 GB and Retina Display, set to hit stores in early February.

Apple iPad 128gb

That is twice the storage capacity of current 64GB models. Apple must have heard feedback from its users about lack of storage space, what with games, apps, books and multimedia. However, the target market seems to be consumers who have yet to get an iPad rather than iPad upgraders as there are no new features announced, even though the newly released iOS 6.1 will be incorporated.

The selling price is USD 799 for stand-alone Wi-Fi model and USD 929 for Wi-Fi + Cellular model. This latest iPad edition is not really exciting for gadget geeks and Apple will again be panned for falling behind the innovation curve. But Apple being Apple, they will still move millions of iPad units. Whether it reverses a declining trend of iPads sold will be watched closely.

The concern though is that Apple faces strong demand for its previous products, like iPhone 4S which affect sales of new products. Indeed, the new iPad is still working fine for me and I won’t be retiring it so soon. Will you be upgrading to the 4th gen iPad?

Labs For a Lipid Profile In San Diego Area

Heart disease causes the premature death of over 570,000 Americans each year. Heart disease is both preventable and treatable with the right information. This requires the identification of individuals with risk factors and routine testing to verify the effects of prevention efforts and/or medications. Access to labs for a lipid profile in San Diego area is available in a couple of ways. A doctor can prescribe tests during an appointment, or patients may order tests on their own through Health Testing Centers.

## Types of Lipid Testing
A basic lipid profile provides the individual with cholesterol counts. This is important to establish a baseline and monitor changes over time. Many other variables are charted on more advanced tests. A doctor can help with this decision, but patients can save money by researching the types of lipid testing and entering the doctor’s office with results in hand. A brief survey of lipid tests offered by Health Testing Centers will assist patients in making the correct selection.

* Statin Check Up
Statin medications are often prescribed for those with a high cholesterol count. These drugs sometimes fail to work, and they may adversely affect liver function. This test includes a lipid profile, and it measures for liver function, overall inflammation and the enzyme CoQ10.

* Lipid Profile
This is the least expensive option when checking for cholesterol levels. It is also essential for people with risk factors over the age of 20, according to the American Heart Association. Labs for a lipid profile in San Diego area test for total cholesterol, HDL and LDL levels, and triglycerides. Patients must fast for a prescribed period of time to receive accurate results.

* NMR LipoProfile
A lipid profile is sufficient for the preliminary investigation, but individuals already aware of problems with high cholesterol need more specific information. The data in the NMR LipoProfile allows the doctor to create a more accurate treatment regimen.

Asus Taichi – Dual Display Windows 8 UltraBook

Asus Taichi Ultrabook is not the first Windows 8 device but it can definitely stake a claim on being the world’s first dual screen Windows 8 hybrid of a laptop and tablet.


The ASUS Taichi switches from laptop to tablet mode effortlessly by closing the lid. You’ll find a second full HD screen with multi touch capabilities sitting on the outside. When the lid is open, the Ultrabook can be used in two ways: mirror and dual-screen mode.

For mirror mode, both displays on Asus Taichi will show the same image. As for dual-screen mode, the Ultrabook functions like two different PCs with one user having access to main display, keyboard and touchpad while another user has the Ultrabook’s touch-display.

Weighing at 1.25kg together with a thickness of 3mm (minimum), this 11.6-inch IPS 1080p Ultrabook is powered by 1.7GHz 3rd gen Intel Core i5-3317U dual-core processor. It is fitted with 4GB of DDR3 RAM, Intel HD Graphic 4000 GPU, 256GB SATA 3 solid state drive, two webcams with array microphones, and built-in Bang & Olufsen ICEpower audio system enhanced by Asus SonicMaster technology.

The Asus Taichi is an ingenious creation, especially for corporate users. It is very useful when you are giving a presentation and don’t want to keep turning the laptop around. You can also restrict what the audience see on the second display by including only the necessary contents into the Screen Share app.

Asus is smart to leverage on current craze over tablets to actually sell a laptop by incorporating the advantages and features of tablets. Check out the review video below.

Nokia Lumia 920: Make or Break for Nokia

Nokia Lumia line of products have done quite well. Last week Nokia posted solid fourth quarter numbers, reporting 4.4 million Lumia smartphones sold, up from 2.9 million units in third quarter. Of course, that pales in comparison to smartphone leaders Samsung and Apple which easily move 35-40 million gadgets each quarter.

nokia lumia 920

Building on its modest success, Nokia has come up with Lumia 920 smartphone, billed as a make or break device. With a 4.5 inch LCD display, the 920, which operates on the new Windows 8 software, has a super sensitive touchscreen that responds instinctively to your commands.

The Windows phone 8 platform offers a user friendly and clutter free setup. The Windows Phone 8 homescreen allows you to resize tiles so you can fit more on the page and still keep it neat and tidy. The WP 8 OS also comes preloaded with various video codecs that support MP4, WMV, AVI formats, etc. Full HD videos in the supported formats play without a hitch and thanks to the vibrant display.

Good plus points for WP8 system but the apps ecosystem is way behind Android and Apple. That should improve over time if developers are given enough incentives and more people use Windows smartphones.

Nokia Lumia 920 has one of the most impressive displays for smartphones. With a 768 x 1280 pixel resolution and 332ppi, the screen is crisp and scratches kept minimal with its Corning Gorilla Glass 2. There is also a 8.7MP main camera, and full 1080p HD video capture.

Its photo software is top notch. We already know about Nokia PureView technology which lets you shoot in the dark, without flash, and produces great images. This time, Nokia has a Smart Shoot technology which allow you to take a sequence of photos and change faces or edit out people/ unwanted objects without any hassle.

lumia_920_Windows 8 Start Screen

Another interesting feature in Lumia 920 is the Nokia City Lens, a kind of GPS system, which offers the location and information about restaurants, shops, hotels and ATMs in your neighborhood.

There are some drawbacks though. The gadget is quite heavy and heavy to fit into the palm at 5.1 inch tall and 2.8inch wide. Battery access and memory support over the 32GB of onboard storage is not provided. The bright yellow and red colors of Lumia 920 is chic and bold to distinguish from its competitors but personally I prefer the simple and elegant white, black or silver. Priced at $680, are there any takers for Nokia Lumia 920?